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Collectors Got Their Unique Gifts Of The Festival
03:24 02 December 2016

As part of the joint action "Post of Russia" and Oneclick Yakutsk portal have produced unique greeting cards with symbols of "Winter Starts in Yakutia" Festival. Everyone could sign a card to…

Modified asphalt concrete successfully tested in Yakutia
02:46 02 December 2016

Asphalt concrete with the addition of zeolite and lignite is more durable than the standard material used for road paving in Yakutia. Tests were carried out in experimental stretches of roads for…
Verkhoyan fire

Fire for Christmas Tree of Yakutia brought from Verkhoyansk
02:46 01 December 2016

One of the highlights of "Winter Starts In Yakutia" Festival is Festival Torch, lit in the town of Verkhoyansk. Majestic in its beauty and mystery Aal Luuk Mas of sacred Verkhoyan’ye symbolically…
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Musicians from Yakutia win All-Russia Music Competition
06:15 29 November 2016

On November 28 the final round in the category of “Wind Instruments Ensembles” of 2nd All-Russia Music Competition took place in Concert Hall of Gnessin Academy of Music.
Ded moroz i Chiiskhan

Father Frost will soon arrive in Yakutia!
05:04 29 November 2016

Father Frost from Veliky Ustiug will arrive in Yakutia for the lighting of the New Year Tree on December 1, 2016 in the city of Yakutsk. The ceremony of lighting the first official New Year Tree of…

Feel Yakutia


Swedish traveler survived in Yakutia

Mikael Strandberg - One of Sweden's most famous travelers. He crossed the Kolyma River skiing and got from Norway to South Africa on a bicycle. Strandberg has spent most of his life in expeditions,…

American aviator-millionaire in the sky of Yakutia

Back in 1938 American industrialist, businessman, engineer, aviation pioneer and innovator Howard Hughes was sailing in the sky of Yakutia during his trip around the world.
dan 1

From the Amazon to Siberia

«We filmed a lot of Yakutsk’s city center, Old town, Lenin square, opera house, local markets, shops and streets». Cameraman of the well-known American TV channel «Travel Channel» Daniel Zagayer came…

Yakutia Faces the World

Vkus Yakutii

Recipes of 17th century at ‘Taste of Yakutia’ Festival

Recreating of dishes using recipes of Russian old-timers, who arrived in Yakutia in the middle of XVII century, will be the main event of the only Russian Gastronomic Festival ‘Taste of Yakutia’ to…
Zima nachinaetsya s yakutii

‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival

"Winter Starts in Yakutia" Festival will begin on December 1 with a ceremony of lighting the first official Russian New Year tree. The colorful event will be attended by Father Frost from the Great…
Arctic bienale

Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art in Yakutsk

Within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia!’ Festival the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will host Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art November 16 - December 4. Biennale has the character of…
NGEO Yakutia

National Geographic: Yakutia is Best

Every year National Geographic Traveler Awards identifies the ideal place for a holiday. The best countries for adventure tourism are India (18%), the Russian Federation and Malaysia (15%), and Peru…
Diring Yuryakh07 111 16

Attractions of Yakutia: Diring Yuryakh

Amazingly diverse and literally breathtaking scenery is found in Yakutia at every step. Even it is difficult to list all the beauty that you will be lucky to see if you get there. But, nevertheless,…

Welcome to Yakutsk!

On YouTube presented the second series of three-minute animated film in Russian which tells about the sights of the big city, located on permafrost - Yakutsk.The author of the project is young,…

Extreme Northern Yakutia

Unspoilt nature of Yakutia, rich flora and fauna, cuisine, meeting with local residents, the extreme conditions of survival and the ability to touch the unknown, all this leaves a lasting impression…
NatGeo Yakutia

Yakutia in Top 5 National Geographic Traveler Awards

TurStat Agency reviewed the preliminary results of Internet voting National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016. Online voting in 23 Award nominations is being held from September 8 to November 6.
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Yakutia wins National Award in the field of event tourism - Russian Event Awards

Three tourist projects of Yakutia have won major awards - Grand Prix of Russian Event Awards.