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In 2017, ALROSA to sell 39 million carats
In 2017, ALROSA to sell 39 million carats
Unique Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yakutia is coming out soon
Unique Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yakutia is coming out soon
Yakutia has agreed to sign a new agreement with Gazprom
Yakutia has agreed to sign a new agreement with Gazprom
Saint Petersburg cyclists are going to conquer the Arctic in support of bone marrow donation
Saint Petersburg cyclists are going to conquer the Arctic in support of bone marrow donation


turbo generator trial

The Yakut village will test an experimental hydrogen plant 1
02:23 09 February 2017

Turbo-generator technology allows to save fuel: it requires only 10% of fuel and 90% of water.
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In Yakutia, more than 800 wolves eliminated 2
07:17 02 February 2017

Last year in the republic within the framework of the protection of farm animals the hunters killed over eight hundred wolves. In GoskomArktiki believe that the successful fight against predators in…
the balbax 1

Manure as material for sculptor from Yakutia
02:42 01 February 2017

On New Year's Eve Yakut village resident Mikhail Bopposov again surprised everyone by making a giant rooster from manure. The news of this was picked up by all the Russian and foreign media.…
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ALROSA has developed an innovative method for prediction of diamond deposits
01:48 26 January 2017

Scientists of ALROSA Research Geological Exploration Company has developed an innovative project on a methodology to predict the local kimberlite bodies on the basis of a comprehensive study of…
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Russian vessels have completed the first-ever winter passage in the Arctic
06:47 11 January 2017

In January 2017 the caravan of ships led by the atomic icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" completed its passage by the Northern Sea Route in the Western direction.

Feel Yakutia

bond james bond

Yakutia and Hollywood. Part 2

We have examined the first part of Hollywood movies and TV series, in which Yakutia was shown - the largest region of the Russian Federation.Today we offer you movies of Hollywood filmmakers who…
Video about Yakutia

Meet Yakutia!

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest region of Russia. It covers an area of 3 million sq km, almost one-sixth of the whole of Russia. There are three time zones in its territory.
Jade 11111

English Teacher from South Africa: Acting in the movie was a lot of fun

DETSAT Creative Association has presented a new comedy film Hectare. Jade Moodley, English teacher from South Africa acted one of the roles in it. She told about the film and her life in Yakutia in…

Yakutia Faces the World

Vkus Yakutii

Recipes of 17th century at ‘Taste of Yakutia’ Festival

Recreating of dishes using recipes of Russian old-timers, who arrived in Yakutia in the middle of XVII century, will be the main event of the only Russian Gastronomic Festival ‘Taste of Yakutia’ to…
Zima nachinaetsya s yakutii

‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival

"Winter Starts in Yakutia" Festival will begin on December 1 with a ceremony of lighting the first official Russian New Year tree. The colorful event will be attended by Father Frost from the Great…
Arctic bienale

Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art in Yakutsk

Within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia!’ Festival the capital of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will host Zero Arctic Biennale of Contemporary Art November 16 - December 4. Biennale has the character of…
North mosaic

‘Northern Mosaic’ Tourism Cluster will receive a subsidy of Rostourism

The head of the Federal Tourism Agency, Oleg Safonov chaired a meeting on the conclusion of agreements with the Russian Federation subjects for a grant from the federal budget for the implementation…
new ways

Welcome to Yakutia, Chukotka and Kamchatka!

New tourist routes will connect Magadan Region, Kamchatka Krai and Yakutia. This was stated by Governor of Kolyma Vladimir Pechyony at a meeting of the Coordinating Council on Tourism, reports the…
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This is just the beginning

December 7, 2016 - a press conference of the Commissioner for Tourism at the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Andrei Khoroshev (Andrei E).
khomus vargan

Attractions of Yakutia: Khomus Museum of peoples of the world

Khomus Museum (trump) - the world's first specialized museum. This is a wonderful realm of the ancient music, born in the Stone Age and lived into the present day, thanks to its enchanting sonority…
mamont centre

World Mammoth Center - Popular Place of Interest

Tourism in Yakutia is developing successfully - in recent years the flow of travelers has increased by 35%, which is more than 200 thousand Russian and foreign citizens. The republic developed a…

Pole of Cold: Oymyakon launches official website

Oymyakon is best known as one of the "cold poles" of the planet, according to a number of parameters Oimyakon Valley is the most severe place on Earth, where the permanent population resides.

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