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Vladimir Solodov: Yakutia's in TOP 3 of the RF in gold mining
Vladimir Solodov: Yakutia's in TOP 3 of the RF in gold mining
Sergey Ivanov: On Effectiveness of Production and Social Responsibility
Sergey Ivanov: On Effectiveness of Production and Social Responsibility
Anatoly Semyonov: Media of the republic will be in demand
Anatoly Semyonov: Media of the republic will be in demand
Yakutsk celebrates Christmas (photo report)
Yakutsk celebrates Christmas (photo report)
Yakutsk declares 2019 the Year of Good Neighborhood
Yakutsk declares 2019 the Year of Good Neighborhood


Copy of Alrosa Rough Diamonds 4914

RF proposes to create an international diamond marking system
04:17 11 January 2019

In 2020, Russia will head the Kimberley Process - an international organization to combat the shadow turnover of diamonds on the world market, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Aleksei Moiseyev told…
Diamond sorting center

ALROSA has tested a new generation separator
02:33 11 January 2019

ALROSA (PJSC) reports on successful tests of a new generation separator. Testing of the joint development of specialists from Burevestnik Innovation Center JSC, Yakutniproalmaz Institute, the ALROSA…

Children will attend the World Cup events for free
08:33 10 January 2019

Socially disadvantaged children and sports schools students will attend the World Cup 2019 competitions in freestyle wrestling for free, which will be held in Yakutsk in March
arctic school

Teaching at International Arctic School of Yakutia will be led in three languages
07:38 10 January 2019

It is planned to attract native English speakers in the educational process

10.000 ALROSA employees have access to telemedicine services
04:25 29 December 2018

ALROSA has integrated online doctors' consultations into the corporate medicine system

Feel Yakutia

Paolo Venturini 1

Extreme athlete from Italy will run a marathon at the Pole of Cold

In January 2019, an extreme athlete, a policeman from the city of Padua (Italy), Paolo Venturini, will make a heroic attempt to run a classic marathon at the Pole of Cold. This is what YSIA reports…
french lena river cargo 1

French journalists have shot a film on cargo transportation down the Lena River

Before the completion of icebreaking shipments along the Lena River, the team of Tony Comiti French agency made a shipping voyage with the crew of the Lena River Shipping Company during the…

A journalist of Finland spent a year in the Yakut village: I am not a spy

Finnish journalist Jussi Konttinen spent a year in the Yakut village, survived the northern frosty winter, learned to drive UAZ, and all this in order to write a series of articles, and in the…

Yakutia Faces the World


International Experts Discuss Prospects of Reindeer Herding

Yakutsk is hosting a seminar of the Arctic Council to discuss prospects for the processing and sale of reindeer herding products and the development of entrepreneurship in the industry. Experts and…
Suveniry yakutii ENGLISH

‘Souvenirs of Yakutia’ Sales Exhibition

Within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival on December 1 - 2 Kruzhalo Mall will host ‘Souvenirs of Yakutia’ Sales Exhibition. Russian Father Frost from Great Ustyug and Yakut Winter will welcome…
Vkus Yakutii

Recipes of 17th century at ‘Taste of Yakutia’ Festival

Recreating of dishes using recipes of Russian old-timers, who arrived in Yakutia in the middle of XVII century, will be the main event of the only Russian Gastronomic Festival ‘Taste of Yakutia’ to…
Yakutsk airport

Yakutsk International Airport to open Duty Free in arrivals area

The air gates of Yakutsk are among 75 Russian airports, where it is allowed to place duty free shops in the arrivals area. The relevant resolution was published on the website of the Ministry of…
tamara vasilieva

70-year-old Tamara Vasilieva won All-Russian Business Women Competition

Tamara Egorovna - author of an exclusive tourist route, founder of Oymyakon history museum
Hotel in Oymyakon 1

Comfortable hotel in the coldest place on Earth

A comfortable hotel with 10 beds opened in the Yakut village of Oymyakon of Yakutia, one of the coldest places on Earth.
Sakha Travel 1

Sakha Travel 2018 Exhibition in Yakutsk

20 leading operators of the republic’s tourism industry took part in the Sakha Travel 2018 Exhibition within the framework of the ‘Winter Starts In Yakutia’ All-Russian Festival with the support of…
Tour cluster

'Northern Mosaic’ Tourist Cluster can become part of ‘Kangalassy’ ADZ

In 2018, the largest rope park in the Far East was opened as part of the cluster. Photo: YSIAThis will allow attracting new investors to the project
Flights to Thailand

Yakutsk - Thailand direct flights

Flights will be performed on Fridays

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