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370 Yakut beauties fight for the crown
02:16 26 October 2016

Yakutia’s virtual beauty race includes a record number of beautiful women - more than 370 girls from all regions of the republic.

Sweden to host 6th World Reindeer Herders Congress
06:56 25 October 2016

In 2017, 6th World Reindeer Herders Congress to take place in the Swedish town of Jokkmokk, where people still keep up old traditions of indigenous peoples - Sami.

Yakutia cannot control the exported mammoth tusks
04:07 24 October 2016

Extraction of ivory is conducted mainly in the polar regions of Yakutia: Ust-Yana, Allaikha, Bulun, Anabar and Kolyma regions.
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Stone from China decorates Verkhnevilyuisk
03:25 24 October 2016

The site of a future sports park of the Chinese city of Tongjiang in the village of Verkhnevilyuisk is now decorated with a symbolic stone. The opening ceremony was attended by Vladimir Poskatchin,…

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American aviator-millionaire in the sky of Yakutia

Back in 1938 American industrialist, businessman, engineer, aviation pioneer and innovator Howard Hughes was sailing in the sky of Yakutia during his trip around the world.
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From the Amazon to Siberia

«We filmed a lot of Yakutsk’s city center, Old town, Lenin square, opera house, local markets, shops and streets». Cameraman of the well-known American TV channel «Travel Channel» Daniel Zagayer came…

7 biggest holes in the world

Number of amazing natural phenomena certainly may include periodically opened holes in different locations around the world.

Attractions of Yakutia: Labynkyr Lake

Labynkyr Lake for several hundred years has been famous for its mystery. As told by legends, Labynkyr Lake is a place of a dreadful monster like Loch Ness in Scotland. Cryptozoologists hypothesize on…

MIR Kimberlite Pipe (Yakutia) is the largest diamond mine in the world

In Yakutia, near the city of Mirny, there is the largest diamond mine in the world – MIR kimberlite pipe (the city of Mirny takes its name from the pipe). The quarry has a depth of 525 meters and a…

Must-see in Yakutia

Today Yakutia is celebrating two major dates: Statehood Day of the Republic and World Tourism Day. On the occasion of these dates ‘Yakutia Today’ offers a visit to three unique places located in the…

Yakutsk among popular tourist cities of the Russian Far East hotel search service has identified a list of the most popular cities in the "Eastern Ring of Russia" (Siberia and the Far East of Russia) among Russian and foreign tourists, which…
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How to start acquaintance with Yakutia

Tourism is one of the most profitable industries in the world economy. In recent years, the industry achieved many positive results in the field of domestic and inbound tourism in Yakutia. Largely…
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Stone people - the Kisilyakh Mountain

A true masterpiece of Yakutia is the Kisilyakh Mountain. It is located in the Verkhoyansk area on the watershed of the rivers of Yana and Adycha in spurs of the Kisilyakhsky ridge, a part of the…

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