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Aisen Nikolaev among Top Leaders in the Far East
Aisen Nikolaev among Top Leaders in the Far East
Aisen Nikolaev told Dmitry Medvedev about the flood relief
Aisen Nikolaev told Dmitry Medvedev about the flood relief
Yakutia is investment champion in the Far East
Yakutia is investment champion in the Far East
Changes in ALROSA Supervisory Board management
Changes in ALROSA Supervisory Board management
It is advantageous to develop alternative energy in Yakutia
It is advantageous to develop alternative energy in Yakutia


inDriver in Africa

inDriver in Africa!
01:46 15 November 2018

inDriver enters the African market and becomes the first Russian passenger service that operates in the continent after the successful completion of the test period

CHEER Festival delights Mirny for the third time
08:18 14 November 2018

Mirny is the diamond capital of Russia. And it is not all about precious stones and metals, but also about people: unique and talented, living in this northern region. It is for them that ALROSA has…
Irelyakh river

Irelyakh placer deposit: it is necessary not only to fix it, but also to prevent recurrences
06:16 14 November 2018

On November 12, the Public Center of Yakutsk hosted a joint meeting of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Regional Branch of All-Russia People's Front and the Public…
les yasia 696x464

870 million for Yakutia to protect forests
01:25 14 November 2018

The volume of subventions for Yakutia from the federal budget for the execution of delegated powers in the field of forest relations will be 873.6 million rubles. Increased funding will allow to…

Yakutia can start fuel production by 2022
03:55 13 November 2018

Today, Yakutia has to import over a million tons of fuel per yearThe investor will finance the organization of fuel production in the region

Feel Yakutia


10 Hollywood celebrities associated with Yakutia

Tom Hardy. Фото: IA YakutiaMediaIA YakutiaMedia recalls all the celebrities of the world scale, in the life of whom Yakutia left its stamp.

World celebrities in Yakutia

Celebrities about Yakutia - Cold, Oymyakon and original culture of Yakutia

Students from Japan on a field trip to the Yakut ... farm

Japanese students were the first visitors on a tour of the farm Oy-Bes in the suburban village of Khatassy

Yakutia Faces the World


International Experts Discuss Prospects of Reindeer Herding

Yakutsk is hosting a seminar of the Arctic Council to discuss prospects for the processing and sale of reindeer herding products and the development of entrepreneurship in the industry. Experts and…
Suveniry yakutii ENGLISH

‘Souvenirs of Yakutia’ Sales Exhibition

Within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival on December 1 - 2 Kruzhalo Mall will host ‘Souvenirs of Yakutia’ Sales Exhibition. Russian Father Frost from Great Ustyug and Yakut Winter will welcome…
Vkus Yakutii

Recipes of 17th century at ‘Taste of Yakutia’ Festival

Recreating of dishes using recipes of Russian old-timers, who arrived in Yakutia in the middle of XVII century, will be the main event of the only Russian Gastronomic Festival ‘Taste of Yakutia’ to…
TurbazaViluy 1

How to rest in Vilyuisk: lifehack of ‘Vilyui’ Tourist Center

When the holiday season or weekend is approaching, there is always the question of where to go for a vacation. Our republic is rich in picturesque places where you can stop and enjoy the Yakut nature…

The Lena Pillars will have the status of a national park

The most popular place for tourists will get even better
New tourist routes in Yakutsk

New tourist routes in Yakutsk

It is planned to create tourist routes in four directions within the popular program of Comfortable City: culture-related, ethnographic, gastronomic and route of the weekend.
3 tourist clusters in Far East

3 tourist clusters in the Far East

According to the concept of the federal target program "Development of inbound and outbound tourism in the Russian Federation" in the Far East, three promising tourist integrated investment projects…

‘Journey to the Pole of Cold’ recognized as Best Regional Project

The event tour "Journey to the Pole of Cold," traditionally covering Churapcha, Taatta, Tompo and Oimyakon districts, has won the 'Best Regional Project' nomination of the 'Crystal Compass' national…

Russian Village in the Center of China

The authorities of the Chinese province of Anhui, where more than 70 million people live, decided to build a "Russian Village" in the area of the world famous Tianzhu Mountain, where Chinese and…

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