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ALROSA sells large diamonds in Hong Kong for $10.4 mln

Alrosa BigDiamond
ALROSA, the world's largest diamond mining company, has summed up the results of the auction in Hong Kong for the sale of special size rough diamonds (weighing over 10.8 carats). The company received a total sales revenue of $10.4 million, which is more than 1.5 times higher than the starting price.

Sergey Ivanov on further development of ALROSA

ALROSA Gogovoesobranie2
Following the Annual General Meeting of ALROSA Shareholders on June 26, General Director of the Company Sergey Ivanov talks about the most important decisions taken at the meeting, what ALROSA is looking fgorward in 2018, changes in the Company's strategy and revision of production plans at the 'Internatsionalny' mine.