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Hilton Hotel in Yakutsk will be worth more than a billion

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Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of the region Anton Safronov notes that the search for basic investor for construction is underway

YAKUTSK, December 19. /TASS/. The preliminary cost of capital costs for the construction of a 150-rooms Hilton hotel in Yakutsk will be more than 1 billion rubles. The authorities of Yakutia are negotiating with investors from the Asia-Pacific region, Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship Anton Safronov said. "The hotel complex is designed for 150 rooms; the approximate amount of capital expenditure for the project is just over 1 billion rubles. We have a developer agreed with Hilton Worldwide, there is support from the government of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the district administration, and there is a land and infrastructure. To date, it remains to find the main investor, ready to invest in construction. We have preliminary agreements with several potential partners in the Asia-Pacific region, but it is still premature to name them," wrote the minister on his Facebook account.

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Safronov also noted that the authorities of Yakutia reached preliminary agreements on attracting a Turkish developer to erect this hotel. According to him, within the framework of Days of Yakutia in Moscow, a protocol of intent was signed between the international hotel brand of Hilton Worldwide and the Turkish EKSI Group.

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The project implies the construction of an eight-story monolithic frame structure with a total area of about 6700 square meters. According to the minister, representatives of Hilton offered to organize special training in the program of preparing the hotel service of Hilton Worldwide for local staff for 70 employees.

Currently, there are 17 hotels under the Hilton brand in Russia. In the world, the Hilton network has more than 4 thousand hotel complexes.

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