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Vladimir Vasiliev: Yakutia increasingly strengthens ties with other regions of the Far East

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Looking back on the outgoing year, the Head of the Department for External Relations of Yakutia Vladimir Vasiliev told about the progress in relations with other regions of the Far East.

According to the Head of the Department, the Days of Yakutia in the Far East, dedicated to a number of jubilee events, contributed to the progress - the 385th anniversary of the region's joining the Russian state, the 95th anniversary of the YaSSR and the 25th anniversary of the Constitution.

"To date, cooperation between the regions of the Far East is at a fairly high level, but this is not the limit. The Federal District has the potential to become a growth driver for the entire country, because the Far East connects Russia with a number of powerful Asian countries,"  Vladimir Vasiliev emphasized.

According to him, the implementation of major infrastructure projects, the development of integrated energy systems, transport routes and corridors of the Asia-Pacific region contribute to the consolidation of the Federal District.

"The zones of advanced development in all regions, support of attracted investors, as well as the ‘Far Eastern hectare’ introduced in the outgoing year, also contribute to development," outlined Vladimir Vasiliev.