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Anton Safronov: Turkish company is ready to finance the construction of Hilton Hotel in Yakutsk

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Hilton Hotel, according to preliminary data, will be built at the intersection of Pyotr Alekseev Street and Lermontov Street.

At the enlarged meeting of the board of the Ministry of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship of Yakutia, the minister Anton Safronov said that the Turkish company EKSI Group is ready to finance 20% of the total cost of construction of a Hilton hotel in the capital of the republic.

"The official interest from the Hilton was manifested in the summer of 2017. They consider our republic an attractive destination in terms of tourism. Nevertheless, they realize and admit that the first three years of work will be unprofitable. With the help of General Director of the Union of Builders of Yakutia Aikhal Gabyshev, a contact was established with the Turkish company EKSI Group, which has extensive experience in construction in different countries. EKSI Group is ready to act as a minority investor and to finance the construction of the hotel by 20 percent. The remaining 80 percent should be found with the Chinese investor and the Singapore сompany. This issue is being worked out at the level of the head of the republic,” said the Minister of Investment Development and Entrepreneurship Anton Safronov.

He also noted that there is a land plot for the project, as well as an agreed vision and approach of the government. "The road map is being worked out jointly with the Ministry of Land and Property Relations," Safronov stressed.