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Monotowns will attract investment in Yakutia

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The Monotown Development Foundation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) signed a general agreement on cooperation in the development of single-industry municipalities of the republic. The document was signed by Ilya Krivogov, General Director of the Monotowns Development Foundation and Egor Borisov, the head of Yakutia. The press service of the Foundation reports.

In Yakutia there are six settlements with the status of single-profile municipalities - Mirny, Udachny, Neryungri, Aikhal, Nizhny Kuranakh and Mokhsologollokh. The agreement provides for joint work of the parties aimed at creating conditions for the emergence of new jobs in monotowns, not associated with the activities of city-forming enterprises.

One of the strategic areas of cooperation will be the attraction of investments, including through co-financing from the Monotown Development Foundation. In particular, in the framework of co-financing, the Foundation provides funds for the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure needed to implement investment projects.

The first support of the Monotown Development Foundation can be received by the city of Mirny, where it is planned to create two infrastructure facilities with a total cost of about 46.5 million rubles - gas supply and water disposal networks. This will create conditions for the opening of new enterprises, which until 2022 will provide 78 new jobs and will attract more than 130 million rubles of private investment.

"All monotowns need to be developed, even the most remote ones - this is necessary for the local population and, in general, to enhance Russia's economic stability. Thanks to cooperation with the Monotown Development Foundation, the authorities of Yakutia and each of the single-industry towns will have an opportunity to implement a number of bold and interesting initiatives that will significantly improve the quality of life,” commented Ilya Krivogov.