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The Canadian Company continues to develop a silver deposit in Yakutia

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The Canadian Silver Bear Resources mining company intends to continue the development of the Mangazeya project in view of the large prospects for silver deposits, reported on March 6 at the annual Eurasian Mining Conference in Toronto Chris Westdal, Chairman of the Board of Directors, reports TASS.

"There are very good prospects for silver mining in Yakutia," he said, adding that the Company intends to continue to participate in the implementation of the so-called Mangazeya project, "both independently and through joint projects with other firms."

According to Westdal, currently Silver Bear Resources is developing the Vertikalnoye field, which is part of the Mangazeya project, 400 km north of Yakutsk. In September 2013, the Canadian Company received a license for 20 years to mine silver at this mine.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Silver Bear Resources noted that "a very good climate for work" has been created in Yakutia, and the authorities of the region and the population who are receiving jobs and infrastructure at the expense of investors are interested in the development of mines. "We are confident in the future in Yakutia, we have good assets here," Westdal said, "Perhaps our positive example will help attract new companies to work in this region."