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Another step towards the Sea of Okhotsk

“Another step towards the Sea of Okhotsk” – that’s what you can call a LORP JSC ferry line opened across the Amga river, where the road from Yakutsk to port of Ayan goes.

The road to the seaport will pave the way to access for the countries of the rapidly developing Asia-Pacific market.

Transportation of passengers and cargo along the route "Betyuntsy - right bank of the Amga" is carried out by SPZH-83. The vessel, which had a preservation status for a long time, was completely restored under the guidance of Alexander Azarov at the Zhatai base of technical maintenance of LORP JSC shipping.

In June, the ferry delivered 12 cubic meters of construction materials given by the LORP JSC to the Amginsky District for the victims of the spring flood and another humanitarian cargo to the Ust-Maysky district, which also experienced water-related hazard.

"This is not our first social project and not the last one. Our shipping company will continue to assisting the successful development of the districts," said LORP JSC CEO Sergey Larionov at the opening ceremony of the ferry line.


For people who live the village of Betyuntsi, the opening of a ferry crossing is a truly historic event,” noted the head of the village administration Sargilana Borisova.