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'The Chic place Pattaya' Hotel: business in Thailand

ThaiBusiness Hotel 1
Thailand is among the top most popular holiday resorts. Probably every fifth resident of Yakutsk managed to visit the Land of Smiles, where a variety of leisure options is available.
Here one can find exotic nature, tropical climate, sandy beaches, ancient temples, night disco and much more. Probably the most famous Thai resort is considered a city in the south-east of Thailand - Pattaya, as our people like to call it “Pattaya ulus.” It was there that our compatriot Alena Lvova opened her own business and has been successfully engaged in the hotel business for 7 years.

ThaiBusiness Hotel 1
‘Entrepreneur of Yakutia’: Alena, tell us about your first entrepreneurial experience and how you achieved today's results of your business?

- In 2011, my friends who lived in Pattaya, offered to do the hotel business, or to be more precise, to hand over their existing business. Since I really wanted to move and change my lifestyle, I rather quickly agreed, even considering that there was no experience in the hotel business.

It was a small guest house only for Yakutians, just 4 rooms, so it was quite easy to work. Almost the same thing, as if friends or relatives come to visit you from afar, and you are organizing their vacation. Thus, I worked for almost 7 years, and I wanted to expand, to open something more and not only for Yakuts. To my luck, friends suggested and showed an almost perfect place - a small hotel with 14 rooms in central Pattaya. Due to the change of the king and the government, it is now much more difficult to open and run a business, even to the Thais themselves, let alone to foreign people. At registration, much more documents, passing of the commissions, licenses, checks are required. It’s almost impossible to do this on your own if you don’t know the Thai language. Making business requires a lot of time and is expensive. 

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EY: What was the most effective method to promote your business?
  • Since the business was already operating, it did not take much effort. I wrote about the guest house in social networks, on the pages of local forums. It is worth noting that in our republic works the best and most effective advertising called "word of mouth." Although the guest house was located far from the center, from the sea, people chose my guest house. Because I have always adhered to the principle: if you work, then only perfectly! I always tried to make my guests feel at home, under the protection and care, I was always in touch with them, actively participated in the organization of their holidays. After all, if a person is comfortable and likes it here, he will always return or recommend to friends and acquaintances.
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EY: Tell us about the hotel. How many stars does it have?
  • The new hotel has 14 rooms, occupies 4 floors. Located in central Pattaya. The hotel is small, compact, considered a 2-star hotel, very convenient for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, as bus stations and airports, Bangkok, cities of near and far Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are very near.
EY: What are the advantages of The Chic place Pattaya over others?
  • Since people come from afar to a foreign country, especially if for the first time, they do not know much, they are afraid, they worry. Therefore, I try to create all conditions for them to have a good rest, comfort and a homely feeling. I always closely communicate with my guests, almost 24 hours a day with them in touch, helping with advice, advising, prompting. Therefore, my guests always feel confident and relax with great pleasure, they want to come back again and again. My main principle is quality service.
EY: Is there seasonality in your business?
  • In Pattaya, the season is all year round, so the difference is not very noticeable.
EY: Who usually stays at your hotel? What are the reviews?
  • In most cases countrymen stay at my hotel. Now there are a lot of Hindus, Chinese, and Europeans. Thais from other provinces also stay here.
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EY: Who is on your team?
  • Every foreign citizen when opening a business in Thailand is obliged to hire 4 Thais. I have 3 people who work at the reception in shifts and 1 maid. I also have an excellent accountant who handles all documents, reports, taxes, and staff salaries.
EY: Your plans for the future and wishes to our readers.
  • Since I started working in this hotel only from February, and it was already active, a little neglected, I plan to change the concept of the hotel to fit my style in the future. I will work hard, gain experience and then I plan to expand, reach a new level.
ThaiBusiness Hotel 3
EY: Thanks for the interview! We wish you success in your business!

Source: Entrepreneur of Yakutia

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