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Yakutsk - the center of digitalization and development of the IT sector in the Far East


Many may be surprised, but the center of digitalization and development of the IT sector in the Far East is not Vladivostok or Khabarovsk, but Yakutsk.

There are companies in Yakutia, the capitalization of which in the near future will amount to billions of rubles, Yakutia’s head Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev said at the ‘All Russia 2018’ Modern Journalism Forum, reports Yakutia24 news agency.

Today, the northern region has unique competencies in the implementation of start-ups. In Yakutia, there are companies that have been operating in the All- Russian and international level - Sinet company, InDriver taxi service and MyTona, a manufacturer of games for iPads. The company's games are in the TOP20 downloads in the AppStore in the US market, which is an indicator of success. At the same time, there are other companies that in the near future will also be able to make it to the top, and their capitalization will amount to billions of rubles,” said the head of the republic.

Aisen Sochi

“Speaking about digitalization, I would like to point out a problem that is relevant for the whole of Russia - this is access to digital television of regional TV channels. Today this problem exists in our country, we should not brush it aside. For example, in Yakutia, we will broadcast all federal channels in digital format, and national channels in analog. At the same time, local TV channels will lose their audience, which is inevitable. But, first of all, it will be at least inconvenient for the consumer,” said Aisen Nikolaev.

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Since 2011, ‘Yakutia’ Technopark has been successfully operating in Yakutsk. Also, as part of the development of this sector, at the end of this year an IT park will be opened, where new companies will operate. At present, the government of the republic has signed a number of agreements with investors not only for the development of this sector in Yakutsk, but also for Yakutia as a whole. Including the creation of a data center in the capital of the republic.

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In 2018, within the framework of 3rd 'Cities and People: Communication and Digitalization' International Conference, an agreement was signed between the government of the republic and Rostelecom (PJSC) on digitalization of not only regional centers, but also villages and settlements. Also, the Government of the Republic and the Ministry of Digitalization of the RS (Y) have a project to create digital villages: this is the provision of public services and the work of the banking sector in a modern format.

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