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Local tourism: Yakut entrepreneurs pinpointed problems

Local tourism1

The community of the tourism industry of Yakutia met with Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of the RS (Y) Irina Vysokikh to discuss the state of affairs in business and development opportunities. Representatives from Yakutsk were present, and experts from the regions contacted via video link.

Representatives of the tourism industry from Aldan, Amga, Gorny, Lensky, Megino-Kangalassky, Neryungri, Oymyakon, Suntar, Khangalass and Ust-Yana uluses expressed their proposals and ideas, and criticized the existing situation in local tourism.

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The Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of the RS (Y), Irina Vysokikh, commented on the situation as follows: “Any concept for business needs to be written, having data on hand, because each district has its own peculiarity. Even every corner of Yakutsk is unique in its own way. One can develop ethno-tourism, extreme tourism, but for this we need to understand what kind of support entrepreneurs need.”

All participants of the meeting agreed that tourists who could come to Yakutia lack information, a sufficient level of infrastructure, accessible transport and systematization of travel companies in general. Now, for example, guests of the 'Pole of Cold' Festival can only come by private cars and settle in small guest houses. If there are no free beds in hotels, guests are usually accommodated with local residents. “We need a unified concept and assistance to those entrepreneurs who are ready to offer their services to tourists, we also need to develop and popularize event tourism so that guests have a reason to come to us,” said businessmen at the meeting. They identified the Lena Pillars and the ‘Pole of Cold’ Festival as the main brands of Yakutia, while the sights receive insufficient support from the government.

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Minister Irina Vysokikh listened to wishes of Yakut entrepreneurs and expressed readiness to support the business that has its own plan and specific proposals. In general, the systematization of all existing problems of local tourism is as follows:

- Lack of budget hotels (guest houses);

- Transport unavailability for low-cost travel;

- Lack of personnel in the field of entrepreneurship;

- Lack of funding for existing projects;

- Insufficient promotion of tours in Yakutia.