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ALROSA subsidiary opens a new production site in St. Petersburg

Burevestnik ALROSA
The Burevestnik Innovation Center, a subsidiary of ALROSA, began work in the St. Petersburg Special Economic Zone (Novoorlovskaya site)

The opening ceremony of the enterprise was attended by Aleksandr Beglov, Interim Governor of St. Petersburg, Sergei Ivanov, General Director of ALROSA, Tamara Rondaleva, General Director of St. Petersburg Special Economic Zone JSC; and Vladimir Tsvetkov, General Director of the Burevestnik Innovation Center.

The Burevestnik Innovation Center is the largest enterprise in the CIS countries for the research, development and production of X-ray equipment for industrial and scientific purposes. One of the key products of Burevestnik is the X-ray fluorescent separators necessary for the extraction of diamonds from ore.

Today, the Burevestnik equipment is used not only at the beneficiation plants and ALROSA placers, but is also supplied to foreign diamond mining companies. The new plant will allow Burevestnik to produce more than 100 X-ray separators per year, which may bring Burevestnik to world leaders in the output of this product.

“Already now Burevestnik is a leader in its segment at the Russian market, and since 2009 it has begun successful deliveries abroad. The new site will allow the company to increase production and bring Burevestnik to the world leaders in the production of separators, as well as other high-tech equipment. And in this sense it is of fundamental importance for us that in this endeavor we are supported by the state - we were able to complete the construction thanks to the subsidies of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. I am sure that this innovative project will be able to make a significant contribution to the development of Russian industry and science,” said Sergei Ivanov.

“The opening of the Burevestnik Innovation Center is, of course, a serious step forward both for the company itself and for the whole city. After all, this is not only the development of high-tech production, but also the emergence of new jobs. The export orientation of production also means for us an increase in tax revenues to the city budget. By the way, it is planned to additionally invest a billion rubles in Burevestnik, and in the near future we can expect even greater increases in production volumes,” reported Interim Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

The new complex includes the main building (production-warehouse and administrative-household parts) and two auxiliary buildings, the total area of the premises is 24.5 thousand square meters. Total investment in it amounted to 1.9 billion rubles. The Company intends to invest at least 0.8 billion rubles in R & D until 2027. The maximum capacity of the new plant in the Special Economic Zone in terms of money will be 2.8 billion rubles, it is planned to achieve it by 2022.

“Burevestnik has received the status of a Novoorlovskaya resident in 2012. This is, without exaggeration, a unique environment for the active development of innovative business, the production of scientific and technical products and its entry into the Russian and international markets. In essence, this is a new milestone in development," said Vladimir Tsvetkov, CEO of Burevestnik.

As part of the opening of the site, an excursion around the territory of the Burevestnik Innovation Center was organized, after which a launch ceremony was held.

“The effectiveness of the SEZ project and the attractiveness of St. Petersburg as a platform for business is once again confirmed by the fact that such large investors as ALROSA come to us. By becoming our resident, companies reduce costs by redirecting them to the development of high-tech industries. So, due to the improvement of production lines and their placement in smaller areas, Burevestnik will significantly increase its productivity," summarized the general director of JSC ‘SEZ’ St. Petersburg, Tamara Rondaleva.