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Yakutia will continue Japanese projects on its territory

AIS in Japan 1

Yakutia and Japan will develop trade, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian cooperation. The head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolaev and the governor of Hokkaido Prefecture, Mrs. Harumi Takahashi, agreed on this.

On December 3, in the city of Sapporo (Hokkaido, Japan), the parties announced plans to develop and sign an agreement between the two regions in 2019. The intentions are indicated in the joint protocol.

It is planned to develop cooperation in the field of culture, education, health, sports, international tourism and other humanitarian fields. Cooperation between educational organizations, the establishment of interregional patronage of regional schools, relations between federations of regions in winter sports, as well as the organization of cultural events, youth exchanges, the implementation of joint tourism and recreation projects are called promising.

AIS in Japan 2

In addition, Aisen Nikolaev and Mrs. Harumi Takahashi discussed the need to continue with the Hokkaido Corporation a unique project for year-round cultivation of vegetables in the permafrost zone using Japanese technology. The third stage of the construction of the ‘Sayuri’ year-round greenhouse complex in the village of Syrdakh of the urban district ‘Yakutsk City’ is scheduled for 2019, the greenhouse area should reach 3.2 ha. Reaching the design capacity is expected by 2020.

The heads of regions also noted the successful launch this year, jointly with the Hokkaido Corporation, of an incinerator for the disposal of medical waste in Yakutsk. It can recycle up to 500 tons of medical waste per year. In this regard, a new initiative for the construction project of the Complex for the waste treatment and disposal on the territory of Yakutsk was supported. It should be noted that up to 470 tons of household waste is transported daily from Yakutsk.

The head of Yakutia also held talks with Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. - Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Yoshihiro Sekihati and President of the Bank Mr. Masahiro Sasahara. Aisen Nikolaev voiced a proposal to consider the possibility of financing the announced projects for the construction of the first stage of a waste processing plant and the continuation of the construction of a year-round greenhouse complex. 

AIS in Japan 3

On December 3, Aisen Nikolaev met with Consul General of the Russian Federation Andrei Fabrichnikov.

The official delegation of Yakutia is visiting Japan from 2 to 6 December. During the visit, meetings are scheduled with the leadership of large corporations, members of the government and parliament of Japan. On December 5, Tokyo hosted the Investment seminar of Yakutia to present the economic and investment potential of the republic.