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Head of Investment Promotion Agency Aleksandr Kondrashin: Investors are interested in Yakutia

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As part of the Days of the Far East in Moscow on December 13 -14 the Permanent Mission of Yakutia hosted a business session with potential investors. The authorities of the republic note a great interest from the business community.

“I believe that the event was a success. We see a large number of investors and a great interest on their part. I am sure that they have discovered new opportunities for themselves, and today we see evidence of how a number of projects are emerging here that will serve the economic development and implementation of social tasks in the republic," noted the Prime Minister of Yakutia Vladimir Solodov.

According to the head of the Cabinet, attracting private investment for the republic is a priority: “We intend to make the republic open in the full sense, favorable for investments, to increase the investment climate and today's event is an important step in this direction.”

“The first contacts with investors are taking place now. I am absolutely pleased with the event, but our task is to hold the event not for show. We are waiting for a long-term result," the head of the republic's Investment Promotion Agency, Aleksandr Kondrashin, noted.


According to him, the republic will actively help investors enter projects, help financial organizations “find their way to Yakutia.”

“From the point of view of the professional environment, we have formed the right message, which says that there is an investment agenda in Yakutia and there is where to earn money, there are guarantees at the highest political level. Now is the best time to invest in Yakutia," said Kondrashin.