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Presentation of investment projects of Yakutia in Moscow

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The necessary investment infrastructure has been created on the territory of the republic to provide comfortable conditions for doing business

“Yakutia is actively developing interregional and international foreign economic relations. The undoubted priorities of our economic policy are the promotion of investment activity and the formation of a comfortable investment climate," stressed the head of the republic.

Aisen Nikolaev noted that the republic is in the top 10 regions of the Russian Federation in attracting investment per capita (about 400 thousand rubles per person) and in terms of human capital development, which reflects the great potential for creating an innovative and creative economy in the republic. Today, the investment policy of Yakutia is aimed primarily at actively attracting investors, at accelerating technological development, building a digital economy that will provide industrial growth and the emergence of new modern industries.

“A serious foundation has been created for such a breakthrough development, but in order to achieve these goals, an investment infrastructure is needed that is ready to provide comfortable conditions for doing business,” said Il Darkhan.

At present, Yakutia provides 23% of the total gross regional product of the Far East, 39% of private investments attracted. 35% of tax revenues to the federal budget from the FEFD come from the territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).