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‘Work & Business in Yakutia’ Demo Zone opened in Moscow

demo zone

On Thursday, within the Days of the Far East in Moscow, the demo zone Work and Business in Yakutia opened in the Expocenter central exhibition complex

The chairman of the state employment of the region, Stepan Moskvitin, spoke about the conditions offered by the companies participating in the Days of the Far East in Moscow: “The exhibition presents such major mining companies of Yakutia as Kolmar, Yakutugol, ALROSA, Almazy Anabara, Mechel, Seligdar Gold, as well as IT companies of Yakutsk MyTona and Sinet. In general, there are more than 1,200 jobs provided. Each company offers a salary from 50 thousand rubles. For the visitors of our zone, the organizers developed a special questionnaire. And we, in turn, will give the completed questionnaires to companies. It should be noted that we cooperate with the Moscow City Employment Center so that those interested in work can get acquainted with our vacancies.”

According to Gasan Gasanbalayev, Deputy Director General of the Human Capital Development Agency in the Far East, now young people need to be shown specialties in demand that will be developed in the Far East in the near future:” Young people should choose those educational institutions and specialties so that at the end of the educational institution they can pursue a profession and get a good salary. In the Far East, for example, when the plant is already built sometimes it happens that there are not enough people with the necessary professions. Based on this, we can conclude: we need to vocationally sensitize young people to specialties in demand.”