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    Yakutia will receive one billion rubles in 2017 to support producers of agricultural products under the state program of the Ministry of Agriculture, the head of the republic Egor Borisov informed RIA Novosti.
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    A beekeeper Anatoly Gaev has been supplying people of Yakutsk with top-quality honey for 34 years. He has become an experienced specialist in field of severe conditions bee raising. He gave lectures on the subject in Germany and shared his experience with Japanese beekeepers. Unique Yakutian honey is well known in other countries.

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    Correction of oil prices brought additional revenue of over one trillion rubles to the Russian budget. This was reported by the State Duma deputy Galina Danchikova at the All-Russian seminar "State Support of Small Forms of Management and Sustainable Development of Rural Territories in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)."
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    The main event on September 7th at the Eastern Economic Forum was the plenary session that included the presidents of Russia, South Korea, and Mongolia, and the Japanese PM
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    On New Year's Eve Yakut village resident Mikhail Bopposov again surprised everyone by making a giant rooster from manure. The news of this was picked up by all the Russian and foreign media. News.Ykt.Ru journalists could not help asking the sculptor how he feels about such an agiotage around his sculptures and the reason why he chose such an unusual material.
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    The Yakut State Agricultural Academy becomes a part of the Alliance of Agricultural Education and Scientific Innovations of the Silk Road. The agreement was signed at the second meeting of the Alliance.

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    The Commission of the RF Ministry of Agriculture recommended 39 investment projects to compensate for direct costs incurred in the construction or modernization of agro-industrial complex facilities. Natalia Chernetsova, Director of Economy and State Support Department of the agro-industrial complex, attributed Chechnya, Yakutia, Tatarstan, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories to the leading regions in terms of the number of selected projects and the amount of funds for cost recovery.
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    Horse-breeders will receive 1 million rubles in subsidies for the construction of horse breeding farms. The relevant agreement was signed in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Policy of the republic, according to the website of state bodies of Yakutia.
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    According to preliminary data, in 2016 Yakutia ranks third among the subjects of the Far East in terms of gross agricultural production.
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    Agro-industrial delegation from Yakutia has received 13 medals of ‘2017 Golden Autumn’ All-Russian Agro-Industrial Sales Exhibition. Best companies have been awarded for achievements in the production of high quality food products, the introduction of innovations in agriculture and in other areas.
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    Issues of breed livestock farm in Yakutia and measures to increase the productivity of cattle breeding were discussed among other issues in the framework of the discussion platform, which was held in the village of Ulakhan-An in Khangalassky ulus.