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diamond market

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    In 2020, Russia will head the Kimberley Process - an international organization to combat the shadow turnover of diamonds on the world market, Russian Deputy Finance Minister Aleksei Moiseyev told RIA Novosti.
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    Import of diamonds and polished diamonds in Russia in the first half of the year has doubled compared to the same period last year. Import of rubies, sapphires and emeralds increased fourfold. According to the Federal Customs Service, over 60.5 thousand processed and rough diamonds were brought to Russia in January-May, Izvestia reports.
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    About what results the company is finishing the year with, what he expects from the future, whether he plans to rebuild the Mir mine and what he thinks of synthetics, Sergey Ivanov, the Company's General Director, tells in an interview for Yakutia24.

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    The diamond market is very sensitive to any economic, political, social factors and moods. Recently, a threat of synthetic diamonds has added to all risks affecting the prospects for the growth of raw materials production. This was announced by ALROSA First Vice President Igor Sobolev April 7 in Mirny at a meeting of the Economic Board of ALROSA.