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Gavril Kirillin

  • Gavril Kirillin

    The national project ‘International Cooperation and Export’ sets objective for Yakutia to achieve an increase in non-primary exports to one billion dollars by 2024, and by 2032 - to one and a half billion dollars, said Gavril Kirillin, Minister for External Relations and Peoples Affairs, during the live telecast of the Sakha State TV and Radio Company.
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    The 'May' Russian President Vladimir Putin's Decree with a list of the country's strategic objectives for the period until 2024 gives a special place to build export capacity in manufacturing industry, agricultural sector and services in the amount of 20% of gross domestic product.

  • ForumUNESCO Yakutia
    Olga Balabkina, Vice-Chairman of the Government of Yakutia, on February 4 held a working meeting on the preparation and holding of the international conference Preservation of World Languages and Development of Language Diversity in Cyberspace: Context, Policy, Practice in collaboration with UNESCO.