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Gavril Kirillin

  • Gavril Kirillin

    The national project ‘International Cooperation and Export’ sets objective for Yakutia to achieve an increase in non-primary exports to one billion dollars by 2024, and by 2032 - to one and a half billion dollars, said Gavril Kirillin, Minister for External Relations and Peoples Affairs, during the live telecast of the Sakha State TV and Radio Company.
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    The 'May' Russian President Vladimir Putin's Decree with a list of the country's strategic objectives for the period until 2024 gives a special place to build export capacity in manufacturing industry, agricultural sector and services in the amount of 20% of gross domestic product.

  • Gavril and Dandar
    On March 25, Gavril Kirillin, Minister of External Relations and Affairs of the Peoples of Yakutia, and Ruslan Timofeev, Head of the Information Policy and Mass Communications Department of the Administration of the Head and Government of the RS (Y), visited the datsan of Yakutsk, the northernmost Buddhist temple in the world, where they met with Dandar Lama - Dmitry Zhalsarayev.

  • ForumUNESCO Yakutia
    Olga Balabkina, Vice-Chairman of the Government of Yakutia, on February 4 held a working meeting on the preparation and holding of the international conference Preservation of World Languages and Development of Language Diversity in Cyberspace: Context, Policy, Practice in collaboration with UNESCO.