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Irina Vysokikh

  • Local tourism1

    The community of the tourism industry of Yakutia met with Minister of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Tourism of the RS (Y) Irina Vysokikh to discuss the state of affairs in business and development opportunities. Representatives from Yakutsk were present, and experts from the regions contacted via video link.
  • Sakha Travel 1

    20 leading operators of the republic’s tourism industry took part in the Sakha Travel 2018 Exhibition within the framework of the ‘Winter Starts In Yakutia’ All-Russian Festival with the support of the regional ministry of entrepreneurship.
  • extreme guide

    The possibility of training specialized guides and instructors in extreme tourism in the Yakutia Business School is being considered in connection with the growth of the tourist flow to Oymyakon in winter. This was reported by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic Irina Vysokikh during the live broadcast Government LIVE.