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  • nneZNlaezPA

    The diamond capital to host the Mirny Sings of Peace Youth Song Festival on April 24-May 1.
    It takes place for the 19th time, and the peculiarity of the festival is that everyone can participate in it - if there is a desire and talent. The organizers collect applications and select participants, and the headliners of the festival are going to Mirny. The festival program will, as always, be diverse and unforgettable: concerts, various workshops, ranging from music, photography, ending confectionery and other areas.
  • DinM 117
    Last weekend in Mirny the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace hosted the official rating competitions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - ALROSA Cup in acrobatic rock and roll, which gathered more than 120 people from Aikhal, Udachny and Yakutsk.

  • Aikhal pipe 2
    Of all diamonds produced by ALROSA, 13 million carats are produced by the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant

  • NikolaevvMirnom 1
    On June 26, the Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aisen Nikolaev, worked in Mirny.

  • NikolaevvUdachnom 1
    Acting Head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Aisen Nikolaev arrived in Udachny on a working visit. To see how the city and town-forming enterprise is developing, he arrived together with CEO - ALROSA Board Chairman Sergey Ivanov and First Deputy General Director - ALROSA Executive Director Igor Sobolev.

  • JP7A1034

    February 21-24, the 'Kimberlite' Sports Palace in Mirny hosted futsal battles of the Championship of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Men's first league teams competed for the championship.

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    The Club of off-road vehicles fans of Mirny, Medved’ (Bear) is preparing to launch an expedition to the Shishkin pisanitsas (petroglyphs). Since 2013 this Automobile Club successfully carries out its own social project called "Forgotten corners of Yakutia." Within the project they organize the off-road expeditions to historically important places associated with the diamond epic of Yakutia, confined to the fateful dates of our region.
  • mgok
    On January 29, the meeting on the enterprise’s operating results was held at the Engineering and Technical Service of the Mirny Mining and Processing Plant's motor depot.

  • 2018 Khozaktiv

    On March 13, the city of Mirny hosted a general event of 2018 - a meeting of the economic management of ALROSA. The meeting was attended by more than 500 delegates from structural divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • AlmazyKyrylgen
    Technology development - a guarantee of quality

  • AlrosaAvia

    The airline summed up the results for 2017
  • alrosa logo 13 12 2017
    ALROSA has become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) by achieving certification against its Code of Practices through meeting the highest ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as established by the RJC.

  • Mirniy Airport 3
    ALROSA chose the Lenaeroproekt Institute as the general designer of the airport

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    The tragedy at the Mir mine made the ALROSA management pay special attention to security issues at production facilities. Meanwhile, the company is preparing to resume diamond mining by underground method at the facility where the accident occurred.
  • Frony view of Kharyskhal

    Walking along the Komsomolskaya Street of the diamond capital, passers-by involuntarily slowing down the pace look to a newly-erected building near the Orthodox gymnasium. It is the building of the Children's Rehabilitation Center Kharyskhal, which means Amulet in Yakut. The center is visited by children from disadvantaged families of the city. The old building of the Children's Rehabilitation Center leads a wretched existence.
  • 453435 2 696x463ALROSA President Sergei Ivanov visited the Internatsionalny mine of the Mirny Mining and Concentrating Plant. He checked the conditions for conducting underground works, functioning of the sewerage system and discussed industrial safety issues with the management and personnel of the mine.
  • Lechenie e1509254028843 696x444 1

    Until December 25, more than 6 thousand employees of ALROSA will be able to have their health checked free of charge. For them, the program will consist of two directions: "Prevention and early diagnosis of digestive system diseases" and "Men's health." This year the Company will spend about 30 million rubles for screening.
  • mirnij 1
    ALROSA, the world’s largest diamond mining company, will launch new programs for free medical screenings in different areas for employees starting in August. The financing of these activities will also increase in comparison with the previous year.

  • DinamikaDividendovALROSA
    Mirny, June 26, 2018 – ALROSA Shareholders approved the annual report and financial statements during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 26. Shareholders also made decisions on profit distribution for 2017. 38.59 billion rubles are to be paid as dividends, namely 5.24 rubles per one ordinary share at a nominal price of 50 kopecks.

  • RIAN 03188512.HR .ru 696x391
    Mirny, April 16, 2018 – ALROSA, the world leader in diamond mining, is implementing a program for the conversion of autonomous boiler-houses and power plants to alternative fuels available in the territory of its presence. As expected, it will allow ALROSA to reduce operating expenses by more than RUB 5.3 billion over the next 10 years.