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Olga Balabkina

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    The new head of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports was introduced to the office employees, as well as the heads of subordinate institutions, reports Sport of Yakutia. Innokenty Grigoriev announced the upcoming policy shift and invited colleagues to share their vision of the development of sports.
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    In the report on the results of the executive bodies of Yakutia for 2016, the head of the region Egor Borisov clearly outlined the tasks that must be solved by the Parliament and the government of the republic. This was stated by Vice-Speaker of the State Assembly (IL Tumen) Olga Balabkina in the commentary of YSIA.
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    Live and Hail, Holy Russia! Festival, dedicated to the Day of Slavic Literature, was held in Yakutia. On behalf of the head and government of Yakutia the audience was congratulated by Deputy Prime Minister Aleksei Dyachkovsky.
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    Olga Balabkina, Vice-Chairman of the Government of Yakutia, on February 4 held a working meeting on the preparation and holding of the international conference Preservation of World Languages and Development of Language Diversity in Cyberspace: Context, Policy, Practice in collaboration with UNESCO.