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    In search of new preserving natural ecosystems of the North

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    The Kytalyk Reserve will receive the national park status, and three more reserves will appear in the Arctic zone of the republic - Medvezhy Ostrova (Bear Islands), Bolshoye Tokko (Big Tokko) and Laptevomorsk
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    The regional cooperation in the field of biodiversity conservation and the development of specially protected natural territories was discussed during a meeting of the Northern Forum working group chaired by the acting Minister of Ecology of Yakutia Sakhamin Afanasiev in the city of Rovaniemi (Finland).
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    Lake Usun-Kyuol, located in the suburbs of Yakutsk - Tulagino village, was included in the list of specially protected natural areas (PAs) due to a comprehensive study of the reservoir carried out by the 10th grade student of the local school Evgeny Beschetnikov, along with other schoolchildren under the guidance of Svetlana Timofeeva, teacher, and consultants from the NEFU Support Center for Scientific Programs and Grants.