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    ALROSA, the largest diamond mining company in the world, took the second place in the final rating of the fundamental (environmental and energy) efficiency of the 150 largest companies in Russia and Kazakhstan operating in the real economy. The peculiarity of the rating is that it allows you comprehensively perceive diverse information about production, energy consumption, environmental impacts and efficiency dynamics.  

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    Moscow, December 27, 2018 – The Supervisory Board of ALROSA approved new edition of the Policy on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

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    Addition to a family of polar bears, Kolymana and Lomonosov. Preparation for the birth of a new inhabitant of the Zoo began last year.
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    In Olenek, with the support of ALROSA, smuggling of a large batch of wild reindeer antlers from the Krasnoyarsk Territory has been suppressed. As part of the operation carried out by the special-purpose squad Zapad, 27 reindeer carcasses were seized without permits for their hunting,
    as well as frozen antlers in bags in the amount of 6.122 pieces with a total weight of 5.795 kg without permits.