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ALROSA to invest 10.4 billion in a new airport in Mirny

  • Published in InFocus
ALROSA Rus COLOUR RGBThe total investment in the construction of the new Mirny airport complex is estimated at 21.8 billion rubles

The project will be financed from budgetary and extra budgetary sources. It is planned to allocate 10.4 billion rubles each from the budgets of ALROSA PJSC and the Russian Federation, and another 1 billion rubles from the budget of the State Corporation for the organization of air traffic in the Russian Federation. A new modern air harbor will appear in Mirny in 2022.

An open tender for the development of a new airport project in Mirny was held at the beginning of last year. The winner was the Lenaeroproject state institute. To date, the project documentation is ready and is being studied by the participants of the investment project. The final cost of the work will be determined after the conclusion of the FAI of Glavgosexpertiza of Russia (General Board of State Expert Review). Their financing is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

At the expense of the Company, in addition to the development of the project itself, it is planned to build airport infrastructure facilities (8.1 billion rubles), engineering networks (1.4 billion rubles) and access roads (0.6 billion rubles). Federal budget funds will be directed to the construction of aerodrome infrastructure facilities.

“To date, the issue of co-financing by the state has been agreed upon, and our Company was informed by the Ministry of Transport of Russia. The construction of the airport in Mirny, given its key importance for the whole of Western Yakutia, was included in the comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of the long-haul infrastructure approved by the Russian Government for the period up to 2024," told ALROSA Deputy Director General Sergey Barsukov.

Construction work is scheduled for 2020-2022. The airport construction will be organized by a specially established 100% subsidiary of ALROSA - Mirny Airport LLC, and the Administration of civil airports (airdromes) federal state unitary enterprise will be engaged in the construction of the federal part of the project.

The new airport complex will be located three kilometers to the northeast of the existing airport. It is envisaged to build an artificial 2860 x 44 m runway, equipped according to the requirements of the II category of ICAO, an apron for 18 parking lots for aircraft of different classes, a taxiway system, the airport complex with a throughput capacity of 300 passengers per hour (150 passengers per arrival and 150 passengers per departure), fuel-filling complex with a capacity of 1500 tons of aviation fuels storage, a cargo terminal, an emergency-rescue station and other objects of the service area of the airport.

“For the convenience of passengers, the terminal building will be equipped with two jetways with a connecting gallery, which allows serving passengers at arrival and departure simultaneously including long-haul routes. This configuration is determined by the peculiarity of the traditional central airport timetable, made up taking into account the intensity in the morning and the available airport capacity. In the event of an increase in the traffic intensity of the aircraft, the airport will adjust the peak loads by optimizing the arrival and departure times of aircraft,” says Oleg Kochanov, airport construction project manager. "The forecasted growth of the regional economy and the possibility of subsequently receiving and servicing promising domestic-made aircraft were also taken into account. We are confident that the efforts of the state will lead to an increase in traffic intensity. Routes to Mirny are subsidized from the federal budget, passenger traffic is also expected to increase, bypassing Moscow through regional hubs, including Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk."

Also, the project envisages the construction of a qualitatively new ground infrastructure for the base airline, ALROSA Airlines, operating aircraft on main and local airlines and providing sustainable year-round air communication with both major federal and regional centers, and with hard-to-reach territories within the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The airport of Mirny is included in the list of aerodromes of the national airfield of the Russian Federation. As previously reported, initially the decision to reconstruct the airport in Mirny was made by the leadership of ALROSA back in 2004. In 2010–2011 a project was developed for the construction of a new artificial runway and airport ground infrastructure, in 2012 construction began. However, two years later, due to lack of funding, construction was suspended, and the unfinished runway had been put on hold. In January 2018, the company resumed work on the project, having addressed the issue of co-financing the construction of a new airport to the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Transport.

“Investments in the construction of a new airport were included in the investment program of ALROSA a long time ago, and our forecast for investments remains unchanged in the coming years. The total amount of the investment program of 2019, as planned, will not exceed the levels of 2018," said Head of ALROSA Corporate Finance Sergey Takhiev.