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Yakutia and Hollywood. Part 2

bond james bond
We have examined the first part of Hollywood movies and TV series, in which Yakutia was shown - the largest region of the Russian Federation.

Today we offer you movies of Hollywood filmmakers who mentioned Yakutia, and in general, the Russian state.

Yakutia and Hollywood

Hollywood Main

Back in 1912 distant Yakutia was filmed by Daniel Busson and Marais, who represented Paris Geographical Society and Museum of Natural History to compile a collection. Traveling along the Lena River, they filmed nature and locals, who crossed their path.

What countries can fit in Yakutia?

Countries in Yakutia1
We continue to measure our republic in the size of other countries. At this time, you will learn which countries are comparable in their area with uluses (districts) of Yakutia, and which is comparable with the city of Yakutsk.

Yakutsk to be twinned with Italian Padua?

paolo with wife
The mayor of the Italian city of Padua offers Yakutsk twin-city relations.
This was announced on Wednesday at a meeting with journalists by an Italian policeman and athlete Paolo Venturini, who ran a marathon last week in the Oymyakon district.

He did it!

Venturini did it
Paolo Venturini covered 39.1 km in 3:54:10, according to the Ministry of External Relations and Affairs of Peoples of Yakutia.