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Wife of Extreme Sports Enthusiast from France riots in emotion: Yves Chaloin reached his goal Oymyakon!

Yves Chaloin in Oymyakon

61-year-old French tourist Yves Chaloin reached his goal – Oymyakon - riding his bike.

Yves Chaloin was given a warm welcome at the famous welcome sign of the Pole of Cold Oymyakon. Local residents came out to greet and meet the hero of these months; all Yakutia followed the news about this extreme traveler.

The cyclist began his journey on December 6 last year in Skovorodino, the Amur region. On December 24, he reached Yakutsk, where his wife Olivia was waiting. On January 1, the Frenchman left Yakutsk for Oymyakon. But he had to interrupt his trip on January 8 because of technical problems with the bicycle.

On January 21, Yves left Khandyga for Oymyakon.

The Internet community was divided into two camps, those who did not believe that a Frenchman at the age of 61 would be able to overcome the route, and there were those who believed in him. The first who believed was his wife Olivia Chaloin!

Olivia was always there, driving in the car behind the bike rider with a cameraman. They are shooting a documentary about the journey. And Yves Chaloin slept in a tent.

According to the locals, Olivia Chaloin gave loose to her feelings: she burst into tears!!!