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Students from Japan on a field trip to the Yakut ... farm


Japanese students were the first visitors on a tour of the farm Oy-Bes in the suburban village of Khatassy

They got acquainted with the traditional way of life in the village, farming. The students looked at the Yakut hut with great interest, wondered how they keep cows, horses and goats in the harsh conditions of Yakutia.
Famous Yakut extreme sports enthusiast Stepan Mironov accompanied students Yamamoto Naoya, Kinugawa Yoshiki and Kato Hiroaki, on a trip to Khatassy. The program of a one-day tour included a visit to the agro-school where tourists were greeted by students and teachers, showing the ceremony of blessing of the guests. They enjoyed the concert, master class showing folk Yakut games and a delicious lunch from traditional dishes of national cuisine.


In conversation with the local students, Naoya Yamamoto, answering the question, will he try once again to reach the Pole of Cold on a bicycle, said that this is now his dream and he will certainly fulfill it.


A unique trip of a group of young Japanese to the northernmost capital of the world took place thanks to the project Agro belt of Yakutsk of the People's Development Program of the city Working for the success of Yakutsk!.