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World celebrities in Yakutia


Celebrities about Yakutia - Cold, Oymyakon and original culture of Yakutia

Jesse Eisenberg.  Yakutsk, Yakutia. Siberia. 2016


"Tourists always know the country better than its citizens. Have you ever seen snowdrifts in Yakutsk? It is something incredible! I just did not know how to walk on them." According to personal information, Jesse Eisenberg has Russian roots - his grandmother lived in Russia.

Tom Hardy. Yakutsk, Yakutia. Siberia. 2012


The star of Mad Max Tom Hardy visited Yakutia as part of the filming of the Driven To Extremes. Coldest Road for the Discovery Channel. Formula 1 racer Mika Salo accompanied Tom Hardy. And the team of professional racing drivers, the crew tackled some of the coldest, hottest and toughest roads on the planet. The 1000 km road to Oymyakon is called the Road of Bones. Tom Hardy appreciated the Yakut toilets, fought against the local Hapsagai-wrestlers, milked the cow, went through the rite of Algys, tried on boots, tried local delicacies and took a steam-bath.


Ewan Gordon McGregor. Yakutsk.Yakutia. Siberia. 2004


In 2004, famous actors and good friends Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor completed a round-the-world trip on their BMW R 1150 GS Adventure in the summer of 2004. After that, a book was written Long Way Round.

Roy Jones Jr.  Yakutsk. Yakutia. Siberia. 2012


Legend of world boxing Roy Jones Jr. also managed to visit Yakutia. In 2012, he toured the cities of Russia and performed in the capital of the republic with the program Explosion in Triumph. Before a vast assembly he sang three songs from his repertoire and held a show bout with a young boxer.

Steven Frederic Seagal.  Yakutsk. Yakutia.Siberia. 2015


The arrival of a Hollywood star in Yakutia is also a private one - "Seagal is looking for his roots in Yakutia." The actor claims that his paternal grandfather was born in one of Russia's regions, and then moved to the United States in the first half of the 20th century. In search of his roots, Steven Seagal has already traveled to Kazakhstan, Kalmykia, the Russian Republic of Tyva, and now he has reached Yakutia.