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Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk: Yakutia’s nature, cuisine and mammoth museum are of interest for Japanese tourists

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General Consul of Japan in Khabarovsk Yamamoto Hiroyuki arrived in Yakutia on a business visit. In Yakutsk the consul plans to meet with the head of the republic, the mayor of the city and visit the festival of Japanese culture Matsuri.

For the Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk this is the fifth visit to Yakutia. For the first time, Mr. Yamamoto Hiroyuki came to the republic in the mid-1990s as the head of the Japanese delegation for humanitarian assistance.

"After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many hospitals in the regions were experiencing difficulties, especially the problem of lack of medicines was acute," Mr. Yamamoto Hiroyuki said. "We brought large lots of medicines for local hospitals as humanitarian aid. The second time I visited Yakutsk in 2015, after I took up the duties of the Consul General of Japan in Khabarovsk."

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In Yakutsk, the Сonsul will have meetings with the Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov and the Mayor of the city Aisen Nikolayev. According to the Consul, they will discuss joint projects - the construction of a wind power plant in Tiksi and the work of the 'Sayuri' Company, which is engaged in growing vegetables in a year-round greenhouse.

"We want to pay special attention to the development of tourism, we plan to increase the mutual tourist flow between Japan and Yakutia," the Consul said. “In Yakutia, tourists from Japan will be interested primarily in nature, national cuisine and mammoths. The Mammoth Museum is known far beyond the borders of the republic, many Japanese people heard about it, who are interested in science, prehistoric animals. And, of course, the main attraction of your republic is its majestic nature. I think many travelers would like to see the Lena Pillars with their own eyes."

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Speaking of tourism, the Consul General noted that the Yakut and Japanese cuisines have common features. "In Japan, there are dishes similar to Yakut: from foals and frozen raw fish. During my previous trips to the republic, I tried stroganina, which is a luxury delicacy," said the Consul.

Yamamoto Hiroyuki arrived in Yakutsk with his wife, who will take part in the 'Matsuri' festival. Mrs. Yamamoto will give an ikebana workshop. The Consul himself will take part in the presentation of Japanese robotics, in which a robot-dog Aibo from Sony will be introduced.

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Together with the Yamamotos, musicians from the ensemble performing traditional Japanese music with the shamisen instrument came to the festival in Yakutsk. "This is my second visit to Russia, before that I was in Khabarovsk," said musician Uehara Baigen. “I came to the festival at the request of my mentor, Matsumoto Baishi, who is now touring the US. We have prepared for the festival a show that includes a vocal performance, shamisen, drums and a Japanese traditional dance. Interestingly, in Japan, almost everyone knows about the shamisen, but few people have heard its music live."

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The ‘Matsuri’ festival of Japanese culture will be held in Yakutsk on May 23 with the support of the General Consulate of Japan in Khabarovsk. The program of the festival includes master classes in ikebana, origami, calligraphy, performances of Japanese artists, cosplay competition, and tasting dishes from the Japanese chef.