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French journalists have shot a film on cargo transportation down the Lena River

french lena river cargo 1

Before the completion of icebreaking shipments along the Lena River, the team of Tony Comiti French agency made a shipping voyage with the crew of the Lena River Shipping Company during the inter-navigation period.

Transportation of goods along the main river artery of Yakutia with the help of an icebreaker is often of interest to journalists from different countries. Recently, a film crew from France has gone for a sail on board one of the ships of the Lena River Shipping Company.

french lena river cargo 2

According to producer Elhorg Frederiс Regi, they were impressed by the scale and working conditions. “We are planning to prepare a documentary film about the transport scheme of the northern region of Russia, so we will definitely tell about your icebreaking shipments. This is not only spectacular shots, but also the opportunity to tell the French about the uniqueness of such traffic,” said the correspondent of the Tony Comiti agency Lafe Philip Jean Louis.

french lena river cargo 3
french lena river cargo 4