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Extreme athlete from Italy will run a marathon at the Pole of Cold

Paolo Venturini 1

In January 2019, an extreme athlete, a policeman from the city of Padua (Italy), Paolo Venturini, will make a heroic attempt to run a classic marathon at the Pole of Cold. This is what YSIA reports with reference to the First Deputy Minister for External Relations of the region, Vladimir Vasiliev.

As Vladimir Vasiliev said, policeman Paolo Venturini very much hopes that at this time the temperature will reach -60 and below degrees Celsius. “This year Paolo visited Yakutia twice. Last winter, he checked himself at -40 and noted that, in principle, running at such a temperature did not cause problems, and in the summer he traveled to the Oymyakon district and made a route for himself. At the same time, his team is shooting a documentary film about Yakutia and is ready to give it to us for a free show on television and in cinemas."

By the way, as Vasiliev notes, the policeman does not mind if our runners join him during the race. "Paolo ran a marathon in one of the hottest deserts in the world in Iran at +52 and now wants to test the ability of the human body at extreme low temperatures, at the same time he will test sportswear produced by various companies."

Paolo Venturini 2

This week the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy hosted a press conference of the extreme athlete. As Vladimir Vasiliev tells, at the request of Paolo, he sent a video greeting with a short story about Yakutia and wishes of good luck. “It will be very interesting to see with my own eyes whether he will be able to put his idea into life,” notes Vladimir Nikolaevich.