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She did it again - famous selfie with snow-covered eyelashes

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Anastasia Gruzdeva repeated last year's selfie, which made her famous. Earlier her snow-covered eyelashes caused violent reaction on the Internet and in the world media. And now the winter photo of the girl was estimated by about 10.000 people.

“Well, you didn’t think that I would be left without such a photo this year,” Anastasia Gruzdeva wrote on her Instagram page under a new photo. The girl also noted that exactly one year had passed since that popular publication. “In 2018, I met different people, gave a couple of interviews, and you have been with me for a whole year. And I am grateful to this occasion, grateful to you. And now I love the winter a bit more. You made me believe that our winter is unique and magical," Anastasia said to 62 thousand followers.

Many of her followers admit that it was that amazing photo that prompted them to subscribe for her account.

A lover of unusual selfies drew attention to the fact that the current photo doesn’t compare with last year’s one, as the winter is warmer now. You compare them:



Recall that on January 14, 2018, the photo of Anastasia Gruzdeva from Yakutsk went viral after posting her snow-covered eyelashes on her Instagram page. At the moment, this picture scored more than 99 thousand likes. Note that many foreign and Russian media then wrote about Anastasia: Financial ExpressWashington PostCNNThe TelegraphCTV NewsNew York PostFox NewsThe Daily MailРоссийская газета , телеканал 360 and others.