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Yakutia's five times the size of France! And 1.5 million times the size of Monaco!

One of the Russian stand-up comedians uttered the following phrase:
"Foreigners are extremely strained by the peculiarity of the Russians to measure their country by the size of other countries." Here is our article saying which countries and how many times they get into the territory of Yakutia.

At school we learned that the area of Yakutia is more than 3 million square meters, which can fit 5 countries like France, 10 countries as big as Italy and almost 13 like Great Britain. But what other countries can be accommodated in the territory of Yakutia?

Yakutia is not only the largest region of Russia, but also the largest geographical administrative division in the world. That's it with Wikipedia now. Yakutia is slightly smaller than the seventh largest country in the world - India, and a little larger than Argentina, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Algeria and Congo. The richest in its oil and gas reserves, the Arabian Peninsula is also a little larger than Yakutia. Our republic is almost one and a half times larger than Mexico, Indonesia, Sudan, Libya, Iran, and Eastern Caribbean States, Maldives with beautiful beaches and Malta will enter into this list as a bonus.

The Principality of Monaco is 1.5 million times smaller than Yakutia! The Republic of Sakha is 19.000 times larger than Liechtenstein. Also on the territory of Yakutia would be located the islands of Greenland, Madagascar and Sumatra.

The list can be continued up to the smallest state, but we have already mentioned it. Yakutia is a land, unknown and not-fully-explored, but still the largest region of Russia with its beautiful nature, rich mineral deposits, unique in its characteristics and people living in the harsh northern conditions!


The material used Photo by Ilya Varlamov