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Yakutsk to be twinned with Italian Padua?

paolo with wife
The mayor of the Italian city of Padua offers Yakutsk twin-city relations.
This was announced on Wednesday at a meeting with journalists by an Italian policeman and athlete Paolo Venturini, who ran a marathon last week in the Oymyakon district.

“Today I will convey a letter from the mayor of Padua to the head of Yakutsk proposing to make our cities twin cities,” said Paolo Venturini.

Venturini stressed that Padua and Yakutsk are "in many ways similar." “I think our cities could cooperate primarily in the field of education. The University of Padua is one of the oldest in Europe. It was opened in 1222, widely known for its research in the field of transplantology. Exchange of experience, internships would be useful for both parties,” said Venturini.

Padua is a city located in the north of Italy, about 40 kilometers from Venice. The population of the city is about 210 thousand people.

paolo and team
Paolo Venturini (far right) with his team

The athlete did not rule out that in the future he could once again come to Yakutia and repeat the extreme race that he performed in Oymyakon district on January 20.
“The race, which took place last Sunday, became for me a kind of baptism of fire,” explained the athlete. “So I think I'm ready to repeat it. Another thing is that the organization of such projects is associated with huge costs. So, I would be happy if this initiative comes from Yakut companies that want to sponsor.”






Photo: Matteo Menapace

The race of the Italian policeman Paolo Venturini was held on January 20 in the framework of the Monster Frozen project. The outcome of the project will be the release of the same name documentary.

“This film is dedicated not only to my run, but to Yakutia as a whole,” noted Paolo Venturini. We expanded the story about the race with comments and a story about the history, nature and culture of the republic and, in particular, the Oymyakon district. I hope that after the release of the film much more tourists will want to come to the Pole of Cold. During our trips, we saw with our own eyes the great tourist potential of Yakutia.”

In the photo above: Paolo Venturini and his wife.
Photographer: Vadim Skryabin.