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What countries can fit in Yakutia?

Countries in Yakutia1
We continue to measure our republic in the size of other countries. At this time, you will learn which countries are comparable in their area with uluses (districts) of Yakutia, and which is comparable with the city of Yakutsk.

The largest district of Yakutia, Olenek, in its size is comparable to Poland. And here a pertinent answer of the Russian stand-up comedian Pavel Volya to the question Yakutia - where is it? asked by the Poles, arises - But what is Poland? Indeed, in addition to this one district, in Yakutia, there are another 33 municipalities and the agglomeration of Yakutsk with the village of Zhatay and 7 suburban settlements is comparable in size to Liechtenstein. And Zhatay itself is a little larger than Nauru - a state on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, located a thousand miles to the east of New Guinea.

You can find out which countries are comparable in size to the districts of Yakutia in our infographics.

Countries in Yakutia2

Abyyi district – Ireland

Aldan district - Bangladesh

Allaikha district - Iceland

Amga district – Moldova

Anabar National (Dolgan-Evenk) district – Togo

Bulun district – Uganda

Verkhnevilyui district - Denmark

Verkhnekolymsky district - Sri Lanka

Verkhoyansk district - Nepal

Vilyui district - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gorny district - Estonia

Zhigansky Evenki district – Tajikistan

Kobyai district - Guatemala

Lensky district - Serbia

Megino-Kangalass district – Gambia

Mirny district - Tunisia

Moma district - South Korea

Nam district – Qatar

Neryungri district - Jordan

Nizhnekolymsky district - Austria

Nyurba district - Costa Rica

Oimyakon district - Portugal

Olenek National Evenk Ulus – Poland

Olekma district - Uruguay

Srednekolymsky district - Nicaragua

Suntar district – Georgia

Tatta district - New Caledonia

Tompo district – Greece

Ust-Aldan district - Fiji

Ust-Maya district – Hungary

Ust-Yana distric - North Korea

Khangalass district – Belize

Churapcha district - Vanuatu

Eveno-Bytantai National district – Croatia

1 - Yakutsk with its suburbs and the village of Zatay – Macau


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