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Lithuanian traveler - on a motorcycle to Oymyakon

Lithuanian at Pole of Cold
Lithuanian Karolis Mieliauskas travels around Yakutia on a motorcycle. Last week he got to the goal of his journey - Oymyakon.

Extreme traveler came to Yakutia with the support team. The core goal of the trip was to ride a motorcycle to the Pole of Cold - Oymyakon.

Karolis and his team left Yakutsk in early February. On February 9, the traveler wrote on social media: The Cold Stride team reached the coldest place in the world! Everything is possible! I embrace everyone, and hello to everyone from the permafrost land.  

Lithuanian at Pole of Cold 2
Karolis Mieliauskas. Photo: Egidijus Pudžiuvelis.

In Oymyakon, a Lithuanian bathed in an ice-hole at a 45-degree frost and wrote on social networks: There are so many #theories about the cold. The only way to experience #truth is to check.

Lithuanian at Pole of Cold 3jpg
The traveler used such a mask to protect his face from frost.

Karolis Mieliauskas is 36 years old. He works as a motivational speaker: As a motivational speaker, I deliver master classes in companies and educational institutions. I tell how to set goals, I talk about motivation and teamwork, how to cope with changes and challenges, how to achieve goals, despite the obstacles and difficulties.

Lithuanian at Pole of Cold 4jpg
Lithuanian traveler at the Pole of Cold. Photo: Egidijus Pudžiuvelis

Karolis calls his motorcycle journeys ‘active meditation’. “For me, riding a motorcycle and these trips are a way to know the limit of my abilities and better understand myself,” explains Karolis.

Before this, Karolis Mieliauskas had already traveled around Russia. In 2016, he rode a motorcycle from Lithuania to Vladivostok. According to him, he traveled about 11 thousand kilometers in 12 days, not counting two days of rest. In 2015, he traveled to Morocco, where he rode five thousand kilometers on a motorcycle.