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'The northernmost Nigerian in the world' starts a YouTube channel on life in Yakutia


A native of Nigeria, Mark Babatunde, who has been living in Yakutia for several years, started a blog on YouTube dedicated to traveling around the region, hunting and fishing.

Mark Babatunde told RIA Novosti that the purpose of his channel, The Northest African in the World, is to show life in one of the coldest places on the planet. He explained that he had conceived his channel, as he communicates with his parents and brothers via the Internet, but even they do not have a clear idea of what it means to live in Yakutia, “the coldest republic in the world.”

“I have a professional camera, there are a lot of videos shot earlier. Here is unique nature, wonderful people. I would like the eldest of the brothers to visit us in the winter,” Mark told the agency.

He also said that in his free time he goes hunting and fishing with his friend. “Now we have ice fishing. We catch crucian and sometimes pike,” explained a resident of Yakutia. RIA Novosti has already told about a Nigerian who settled in Yakutia. Mark Babatunde is married to a Yakut woman Natasha, whom he met while studying in China. The couple have been living in the town of Pokrovsk for four years now; they have three children. Mark teaches children English and Chinese in schools in the town of Pokrovsk and the village of Oy.