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Feel Yakutia

Climber Simone Moro wins the top of Yakutia

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The legend of world mountaineering Simone Moro conquered the highest point of Yakutia and the North-East of Russia. The first ever winter ascent of Mount Pobeda (Victory) was completed successfully. He climbed Mount Pobeda yesterday, February 11. The Yakutia 24 TV Channel  was informed by the Rescue Service inspector Maya Romanova.

The Pole of Cold – How Much Is The Fish?


This song was played constantly in the car during my trip to the proclaimed Pole of Cold - Oymyakon. But I would refashion How Much Is The Fish? of the German singer Scooter into How Much Is The Cold? because the trip turned out to be very interesting and sometimes breathtaking as you see snowy mountains all around, fairytale forests, and… the cold! Its Majesty the Cold! It pervades everything! You cannot neglect it, otherwise you are in trouble.

A charter flight with 170 guests from Japan in Yakutsk

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A tourist group from Japan consisting of 170 people arrived in the capital of the republic on August 15. According to the Main Agency of Air Communications of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), this is the first charter flight in the history of Yakutia particularly organized for representatives of a foreign country.

Hereditary children's doctor Alshafi from Sudan talks about work in Yakutsk

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Head of the Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Medicine Yana MUNKHALOVA introduced us to each other. She told that this year NEFU Medical Institute trains about forty foreign students, graduate students and resident doctors. One of them, the first and only resident doctor from the Far Abroad, is Sudanese ALSHAFI. After graduating from the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, he has been gaining medical experience in Yakutsk since November last year.