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Feel Yakutia

My 14 Favorite things to do Yakutsk


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Yakutsk is becoming famous for one thing – its extreme climate that has allowed it to be the coldest big city on the planet.

Reindeer Herder’s Daughter in France: My Dad is Santa Claus

586323b2c14a3"There is no word holiday in the Evenk language, - says French researcher Alexandra Lavrillier. They have bakaldyn that means meeting. So reindeer herders’ holiday is considered more important than the New Year." Alexandra knows what she writes about. A few years ago she arrived in South Yakutia to collect material for a dissertation, to learn the language, life and culture of the Evenks. Then she married a reindeer herder, has given birth to a daughter, and even became a teacher in a nomadic primary school.

In the Footsteps of an Unknown beast, or How a Tiger Ended up in Yakutia

Siberian Tiger

Would you, having only a primitive weapon, be brave enough to go in search of an unknown creature so bloodthirsty, that it strikes fear in the whole neighborhood?  Now imagine that you found yourself in South Yakutia in 1905. Something is killing the livestock, villagers have found traces of an unknown beast, and someone saw a strange animal, which had only been seen before by the old-timers in the old days. So now you have to neutralize the creature using the scarce tools and resources available.

Juhani Lillberg from Finland: I am struck by Yakutia!


Last week, big festive events were held within ‘Winter Starts in Yakutia’ Festival. The festival was visited by many people from different parts of the world. Here is an interview with our guest from Finland, President of International Association of Snow and Ice Sculpture Juhani Lillberg.

Meet Yakutia!

Video about Yakutia
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest region of Russia. It covers an area of 3 million sq km, almost one-sixth of the whole of Russia. There are three time zones in its territory.

"Diamond Way" - Best 360-video at MIXAR AWARDS 2016

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ALROSA at 2nd Eastern Economic Forum presented a unique film about diamond mining and production of diamonds "Diamond Way", made by Planetpics Digital Publishing with assistance of Fund "Nature", which won "Best 360-video" nomination at MIXAR AWARDS 2016.

Swedish traveler survived in Yakutia


Mikael Strandberg - One of Sweden's most famous travelers. He crossed the Kolyma River skiing and got from Norway to South Africa on a bicycle. Strandberg has spent most of his life in expeditions, taking photo reports and documentaries. Ten major expeditions took him almost 28 years. Now the traveler is 54 years old, and he's one of the few Europeans who visited the Yakut Oymyakon - the coldest settlement in the world.

From the Amazon to Siberia

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«We filmed a lot of Yakutsk’s city center, Old town, Lenin square, opera house, local markets, shops and streets». Cameraman of the well-known American TV channel «Travel Channel» Daniel Zagayer came to Yakutsk for one week to capture the best places of our Republic. He agreed to tell about himself and his goals.