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Feel Yakutia

Top 5 celebrities who visited Yakutia


This week, Internet users were actively discussing a rumor that the star of "Batman vs. Superman" Jesse Eisenberg has recently visited Yakutsk.  The Hollywood actor has mentioned in one interview that he visited Yakutsk and was deeply impressed by snow drifts. This rumor was not confirmed but YSIA decided to recall the visits of international celebrities that really took place in the recent past.

‘The World Domination’: Art, Culture, Love and Humanism!

The WD 5

Just before the New Year Yakutsk hosted a grand event – ‘Tabyk’ Ethno-Rock Festival. One of the headliners of the Festival – punk glam rock group ‘The World Domination’ from Germany. The following is the interview with Valerian Herdam and Frithjof Rödel.

Yakutsk through eyes of foreign visitors

Mark Wooley 1

The editors of "Yakutia Today Magazine" are interested in what expats living in Yakutsk think of the city and its people, its strong and weak points, as well as what could be improved. A foreign specialist told us about his initial experiences, and shared what travelers visiting Yakutia should look for. The following is an interview with Mark Wooley.

Bird in the Wind


violinist Lena Lukina
Photo by Leif Ramos

At the age of nine, Elena Lukina left her home in the Siberian village of Pokrovsk to study the violin in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). Her move was part of a Soviet education system that tested and then tracked young Russians into particular fields depending on their capabilities and strengths. According to the Soviet government, Lukina’s greatest strength was the violin. Leaving Pokrovsk was not easy, but despite numerous difficulties, Lukina stayed in Leningrad for 15 years. Looking back at her experiences in the Leningrad program, Lukina says, “Nobody cares about your feelings. If you feel sick, or if you don’t have some part for your instrument, it’s your fault.”