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ALROSA expands sport financing in Yakutia

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The Company decided to terminate the activities of the professional Almaz-ALROSA Football Club. The released funds - more than 100 million rubles, which were previously used to finance a team of 13 professional football players, will be used to develop mass sports programs for children and adults.

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CHEER Festival starts in Yakutsk

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Today, April 18, for the first time the CHEER Festival started in the city of Yakutsk. This festival is one of the directions of the ALROSA's social policy, which was successfully held in the Mirny district in previous years.

Mirny hosts ALROSA corporate forum of core group

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On April 17, the Almaz Palace of Culture in Mirny hosted a meeting of the body of active functionaries - the annual corporate forum of ALROSA.
More than 500 representatives from all divisions and subsidiaries of the company gathered for the event.

ALROSA - Q1 2019 operating results

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ALROSA, a global leader in diamond production, reports its Q1 2019 diamond production of 7.8 m carats and sales of 10.6 m carats grew 18% q-o-q (down 21% y-o-y). Total sales in value terms grew 19% q-o-q to $1 bn (down 37% y-o-y).

ALROSA launches new diamond deposit

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ALROSA, the world's largest diamond mining company, begins ore mining on the Zarya pipe of the Aikhal Mining and Processing Division. The new field is designed for more than a decade of production.

Young ALROSA professionals: We are not ready to rest


In Yakutia, the project Local Personnel - to Industry has been working for two years.
According to the data at the end of 2018, 4.5 thousand residents of the republic have already been employed at large-scale production sites. This became possible thanks to the joint work of the authorities of the republic and industrial enterprises, which jointly conduct comprehensive work on training, attracting and retaining local labor force. Major industrial companies have joined the project, among which ALROSA is one of the leaders. Within the framework of the project, the diamond mining company ALROSA employed 950 people in 2018, including 384 workers under the age of 30.