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Yakutia expects to retain its leadership in economic development

  • Published in Economy
Карта якутии

Despite the economic difficulties in the country, in the next five years Yakutia is to continue the growth of economy, previously assumed social obligations will be fulfilled, informed Republic Economy Minister Valery Maksimov.

“When forming the forecast we certainly reasoned from the fact that we need to perform all public obligations and social benefits, "- said the Minister.

Valery Maksimov said that in the base case of economic forecast salary increases to all workers of budgetary sphere are taken into account. In addition, the completion of the main objects of the investment program of the republic are taken into account as well.

He also stressed that the growth of gross regional product in Yakutia will continue up to 2019 with the indicator above the national average and "the republic will maintain its leading position".

According to the Minister, investment s will affect on GRP growth rates, including those related to the implementation of the project "The Power of Siberia" and the development of the Chayandinskoye field.

However, Valery Maksimov said that the economic difficulties in the country have caused a decrease in federal aid and do not allow save previous planned areas.In particular, it provides an annual reduction of funding of state programs (in 2015 by 3% in 2016 - 5%, in 2017 - 6%), but it will not affect the parameters of support to agriculture and entrepreneurship.

Should be noted the forecast of economic development of Yakutia was based on materials of the Ministry of Economy of Russia considering world prices for raw materials, goods and products.