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Rescuers Evacuated Three People in the Srednekolymsky District

On January 8 during a snow-storm three men went  from the village of Beryozovka to Srednekolymsk while the air temperature was below 50 degrees Celsius. On the road their fuel ran out and they went to the town on foot, calling rescuers for help.
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Yakutia’s Cultivated Area Is about to Be Expanded up to 59 560 Hectares

   In 2018 the cultivated area in Yakutia is planned to be expanded up to 59 560 hectares, including grain crops – increasing up to 11 505 hectares, potatoes – 8 332 hectares, vegetables of the open ground – 2214 hectares, forage crops, steam processings – 10500 hectares.
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Photo: A New Year Tree Made of Manure

A resident of the Neryuktyajinsk 1st settlement of the Olekminsky district put together a 3 meters high tree out of manure. He decorated the “New Year” tree and placed a star on top of it.

The unusual sculptor named Mikhail Bopposov attracts attention for making New Year symbols from manure. So far he has already made a snake, goats, monkeys and a rooster. The symbol of the next 2018 year is a dog.
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