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The Logistic Center Will Be Opened in The Srednekolymsky Ulus

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The distance in land way between Yakutsk and Srednekolymsk, which is in the northeast of Yakutia, makes up to 2664 km, while in air way it is 1485 km.

Recently the Srednekolymsky ulus and “Tuymaada-Agrosnab” company have signed the agreement on cooperation which is directed to the economic growth of the area, increase in income of the population and development of local commodity production. In one of the most remote places of the republic the logistic center will appear in near future thanks to this agreement.

First, the Srednekolymsky ulus has a lot of fishing sites lakes, and at the logistic center the fish could be prepared through all the year round, and then be distributed not only on the winter road as it is now, but also in navigation. Secondly, creation of the logistic center means construction of a vegetable storehouse from where fresh potatoes can be delivered to settlements and neighboring districts.

At the procuring points included in the transport and logistic scheme it is also planned to buy the wild harvest collected by population.