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A French traveler’s bicycle broke on the way to Oymyakon

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A 61 year old French traveler Yves Chaloin’s bicycle broke on the way to Oymyakon.

As his wife Olivia reported on social networks, the bicycle broke on January 8. She doesn't specify where exactly the cyclist has stopped his ride. According to SakhaDay, it happened after passing Ytyk-Kyuel, where Yves was seen two days ago. All this time Yves was trying to solve the problem with no results.
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   At the end it was decided to order two new wheels from France. Travelers hope that the wheels will be delivered to Yakutsk within ten days. For now Yves Chaloin has to suspend the movement by bicycle temporarily. But against all odds, he is still full of determination to reach Oimyakon on his iron horse.
   As Olivia has reported, they intend to visit Oimyakon and will get there on the car. After fixing the bicycle, Yves will return and will continue the travel to the Cold pole on his original vehicle. However, travelers’ plans could still change.