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International Siberia Arctic Expedition-2015

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On 8 February, the Sakha Republic *Yakutia) will welcome the International 2015 Siberia Arctic Expedition of a famous explorer Romuald Koperski (Poland), which is organized in the frame of the Year of Polish Culture in Russia.
The Romuald Koperski’s team consists of 10 people from different countries, including Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, and Australia. They are writers, actors, journalists, photographers, and camera operators.

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This expedition is organized by Romulad Koperski Fund, a Polish non-governmental organization engaged in educational projects aimed at bringing Russian and Polish cultures together.

The winter leg of the expedition, Warsaw (Poland) – the Bering Strait (Russia) is taking place in January-December 2015, the summer one – from Magadan to Warsaw – in August 2015.


In the republic, the international expedition is going to visit the cities of Mirny and Yakutsk, the settlements of Oymyakon and Zyryanka. There will be meetings, lectures, concerts of the team members, video presentations about the friendship of the two countries. The expeditions is staying in Yakutsk from 10 to 12 February 2015.

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