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Bone carving art as a business

KostoreznoeIskusstvo 4
Entrepreneur Egor Ilyinov did not immediately come to bone-carving art. Before that, he mastered the profession of a jeweler, which became a key factor for his lifework.

'Mirny Sings of Peace' Festival unites hearts


The diamond capital to host the Mirny Sings of Peace Youth Song Festival on April 24-May 1.
It takes place for the 19th time, and the peculiarity of the festival is that everyone can participate in it - if there is a desire and talent. The organizers collect applications and select participants, and the headliners of the festival are going to Mirny. The festival program will, as always, be diverse and unforgettable: concerts, various workshops, ranging from music, photography, ending confectionery and other areas.

Khomus Museum opens its branch in Mongolia

Jews Harp museum in Mongolia1

On February 28, the World Peoples’ Khomus Museum and Center officially opened its branch in Ulaanbaatar. Until 2023, the Center and the new branch of the Museum in Mongolia will work on joint projects for the development of khomus (vargan) music in Mongolia and Yakutia.

‘First Love’ from Yakutia will be released in France

Mannajgy taptal

The film First Love (Mangnaigy Taptal) of the Yakut film director Stepan Burnashev is due for release on February 27 in France, according to Emily May, Borealia site editor. She believes that this film of a completely Yakut production will stimulate interest in the cinema of the Republic of Sakha.
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