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Korean Pop Group ‘U-Reca’ and ‘AlgysFilm’ to shoot a video about Yakutsk

  • Published in Culture
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More than one hundred children will be filmed in the video about Yakutsk, which is going to be made by the South Korean group U-Reca and the AlgysFilm Company. This was stated at a press conference in the republican media center.

The main concept of the video is to show how guests see the capital of Yakutia.

"We want to make the video soulful and colorful. It should evoke love and educate patriotism towards Yakutsk. So, it involves about 100 children from different parts of the republic. We had been selecting young participants for a flash mob for three months," said the representative of AlgysFilm Evgeny Pavlov.

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"Bereginya" children's home and "Kharyshal" charity fund take part in the project. Young participants attend master classes for free and prepare a large-scale costume show.

On July 15, the U-Reca group will perform at the Yunost Stadium, where the main stage of filming will take place. What other locations of Yakutsk will be shown in the video, the representatives of AlgysFilm keep in secret. It is known only that these will be landmark places for the townspeople.

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